I am extremely happy to write a review for Anuja and her team ( Royal weddings). We had a combination of Maharashtrian and a North Indian wedding. Anuja was well versed with rituals of both sides. She was personally present for all events. She will help you to select the theme, decoration as per your taste and budget. She is very warm and friendly. In olden times all the family members used to work together for events like weddings, thread ceremonies, anniversaries etc. But in today’s time as the families are getting shorter plus most of our near ones staying abroad, it is difficult to arrange for such an events. But I assure you that you can count on Anuja and her team as your family members. I wish all the best for the team Royal weddings.

–          Dr Priya Patki

Everything was so beautiful!!! Khup sundar disat hota sagla… I didn’t want to leave the venue!!!

Thanks again!

–          Asmita

Hi Anuja

Would like to thank you again for wonderful event organisation.

Will keep in touch for future events too personal n professional.

–          Kalpana R.J

Had hired royal wedding company’s services for our wedding reception; they catered to our every little demand and gave us a beautiful experience.

Vaishnave D

Thank you for your services. It was awesome. The decoration and all other planning was excellent. You are a very ethical person and you develop a person touch with the whole family. Pattani family wishes you lots of success and prosperity. Thanks.

Sandip pattani

Royal Weddings did our dreamy wedding at Mahableshwar recently! Usually planning a wedding, where both the families belong from different traditions is extremely tedious ! All the more when the wedding is a destination wedding! However, after involving Anuja it all became a cakewalk instantly. She took herculean efforts in striking a balance between both families with respect to the planning of events, budgeting & managing the rooms as per our guest list. She provided us proper inputs and made sure our requirements were met, as well as kept some surprises in each event which were thoroughly appreciated by all! She made sure everything was arranged as per the requirements of both families. Even though we met her not more than a couple of times, she was able to plan & conduct the entire wedding perfectly, without any lacuna! Her team was very professional, polite and all of them had a good understanding between each other. All of her teammates were perfectly assigned roles and they performed them diligently till the end! It is noteworthy that we did not hear a single negative comment throughout the entire wedding, something which rarely happens in grand weddings! I must say, we got married on “Doh Bara” but with her management skills, tasteful decor & impeccable arrangements I would like to get married dobara!!! (Of course, to the same boy) I would highly recommend Royal Weddings if you want to have stress-free wedding & most importantly satisfied guests!

Siddhi and Pranav Gandhi

I am extremely happy and glad as’ I write this review, on choosing Royal wedding for my sister’s wedding. * Ms. Anuja and her team showcased true professionalism and personal touch.

  • Offered prompt and kind service right from Mehndi day till Vidia day.
  • For decoration designs and other requirements, offered right and suitable solutions. No unnecessary expenditures
  • Very well versed with the venue as well (Hyatt Pune) and good business relationship with the mgmt.
  • No issues or glitch during the entire event. Ms. Anuja’s execution was flawless and the most special part is that she remains present during the whole event and makes sure that nothing goes haywire.
  • Royal wedding will surely be a part of all the future events for us.

–          Vaibahv Awtade.

Thank you so much for a very nice evening and for your wonderful arrangements.. really loved it and appreciate it..

–          Dr. Tripathi

It gives me great pleasure to write about Anuja and her team. Very understanding and cooperative, extremely systematic and punctual, and above all highly professional.

Each and every requirement was completely customised. Her patience and deep understanding of our requirements evolved into exactly or even more than what we expected. I truly liked their dedication and adaptability towards our choices and preferences. The suggestions given by Anuja were so bang on perfect

She delivers what she promises without any lapse, without any hassle. She is all under one roof. She actually shouldered the entire on field responsibility for my daughter’s wedding with extreme perfection. What impressed me the most is her flexibility to accommodate to the client needs and anxieties. The gifts that she packed for both families was done very very systematically too. I couldn’t have imagined a tension free event (right from the Pooja, to mehendi, to arranging for the make up artist who was a class apart, to the wedding ceremony) I would surely vouch her reference for anyone and everyone who would like to host an event. Believe me, team building with Anuja and her team is an experience one cannot regret Royal Wedding Event Managerment is the best destination for a perfect hassle free wedding It was a pleasant experience to be associated with Anuja and to see my student shine so well!

I wish Team Royal Wedding Event Management lots and lots of success and prosperity in the years to come. They do have a bright future ahead!

Madhavi Deshpande

A very wonderful experience with Anuja mam and team.. very creative, helpful and budget friendly too Her team was there throughout the function and we cud reach out easily.. she made sure every decor for every function looked great and also added complimentary things in decor to make it perfect.. Thanx a lot

–          Pankaj Bora

16th July 2023 was really big day for Aabandh Arts We opened a new studio on Karve Road, near cosmos bank. Celebrity guest Sayalee Sanjeev was invited for the inauguration. This whole event couldn’t have happened so smoothly and in such a grand scale without Royal Weddings by Anuja Abhyankar

Anuja’s vast experience in the event management field, her professional approach, detailing in every small thing, creative suggestions made the event really grand.

Thank you Royal Weddings !

Highly recommend her service 

Sai Ratnaparkhi

I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude for the remarkable planning and execution of our wedding. Your meticulous attention to detail, exceptional event management skills, and flawless coordination made our special day an unforgettable experience. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you for going above and beyond, exceeding all our expectations. Your hard work and dedication brought our vision to life, and we are filled with gratitude for your outstanding efforts. Words cannot adequately express how thankful we are for making our wedding day a dream come true. Once again, thank you a million times for your exceptional

Kishore goswami

Anuja Abhyankar orchestrated my most lovced event at Dhepe wada with absolute perfection. Her unique ideas and flawless execution were commendable. The color scheme and overall theme were spot-on, creating a truly memorable event. Anuja’s patience and understanding were invaluable, calming any nerves and earning my complete trust. I couldn’t be happier with the result, and I highly recommend her services.

Preeti Vernekar

We had the good fortune of meeting Anuja mam and her team while planning my sister’s wedding. She quickly understood what we needed and made us feel very comfortable during the entire process. In our experience Anuja mam and her team made all of it look very easy, while in reality, she and her team did most of the work by meticulously planning and executing the event quite perfectly. My family will always be eternally grateful to Anuja mam and team Royal Weddings for fulfilling our dream of a beautiful wedding

Balam dutta

Dear Anuja

   It takes a special person to organize an event with such precision and flair, and you have certainly proven yourself to be that person. Organizing an event can be a daunting task, but you made it look effortless. You handled all the aspects of each and every function with immense grace and professionalism. Thank you for making it a truly wonderful experience for our family. You have an admirable team to stand by you. I wish to extend a special word of appreciation to Ashwin whose commitment and efficiency is unbound. Many many special thanks to him.

Thank you for creating such wonderful experience for our family.

Maadhavii Deshpande

Hello Anuja,

Not sure how to express our thoughts and how to thank you for making our dream a reality. When we started planning for our son’s wedding in Pune on 10th and 11th February 2022, we never imagined that it would still be possible to have all events in a typical Andhra style traditions and decor. When we interacted with you and revealed our dreams, showed some pictures of typical wedding events (Mehandi, Haldi, Making of Groom and Wedding ) , you had assured us that our expectations would be met !!! Though not 100% convinced, we trusted you and went ahead with your association.

And WOW!!! What happened finally !!!

It was amazing to see the minutest details that you had noted down and executed making us realise the dream wedding. It is difficult to explain our experience and emotions, as on most occasions, you touched the perfection. All the event venues were ready before time ( you know, many South Indian wedding events have muhurth timings , which can not be compromised ) and you were totally involved, showed dedication to make the events aesthetically the best.

Not leaving out the decor for “Sangeet” , including the never before tried “LED bulbs welcome” and the beautiful seating arrangement for the couple, the night was a visual delight.

‘Thank You’ is a small word to someone who has given us and all our guests “ Life Time Memories” – but do not have a better word.

Thank You So Much !!!

KVR Babu

Big big THANK YOU to ‘ Royal Weddings ‘ for superrrrrrr decor at my sister’s wedding.  Color theme, design, combinations were perfect as discussed. No compromise on quality. All our guests appreciated the decor and all credit goes to Anuja Abhyankar and Royal Weddings team.
Once again thank you for everything.
You create memories.
Keep it up guys. Good luck.
Tejashri Dharne

I am Dr. Seema Kakde, My son’s marriage was planned an 19 April 2022. We were looking for a smart and dynamic person who can manage all the marriage events in a professional way. One of my friends Dr. Vrushali suggested name of Anuja Abhyankar as an event manager. She has taken care of all the pre and post marriage events such as Grahyagnya, Haldi, Mehendi and Laxmi Poojan, Bridal welcome, satyanarayan etc.

Anuja managed all the arrangements for above functions such as gift packings, home decoration, lighting, catering, mehendi artists, pooja arrangements including Guruji and make-up artist. All her supporting teams are well trained, well behaved, well mannered and time management was excellent. Anuja remained present personally throughout all the events.

Home decoration was very decent, mild and elegant. She used a great combination of artificial and real flowers haldi & mehendi drop made out of marigold and nishigonda was very attractive along with post at various sizes decorated with petals. Warm yellow lighting added into the beauty of overall decoration. Flower pyaghdya during welcome were fantastic with sharp boundaries of rose and merigld petals. The overall decoration was very well appreciated by all the guests.

Catering team was managed by Mrs. Ashlesha. Food for all the events was delicious and quality was excellent. Variety of food was served suitable to different events. Food was served hot with neat and clean display and well dressed team. Mehendi artist also did their job properly with beautiful designs for all the ladies.

Team of beauticians headed by Mrs. Shilpa Bapat and Sanika was highly skilled and professional. The make-up, hairstyle, suggestion of ornaments, saree draping was done taking into consideration of age, profession and event needs. All of them made us comfortable and we enjoyed! All of us are highly satisfied with it.

During all the events Anuja was present personally and her ideas of conducting the function were fantastic. All of us enjoyed all the events beyond our imagination and I remained carefree as Anuja took care of all requirements. I need to do special mention of saptapadi Anuja prepared seven vachan’s which were read by bride and groom during saptapadi. This event was also highly appreciated by all. At the end I sincerely thank Anuja for making this event memorable.I wish her great success in her future endeavors! Best wishes and blessing!!

Dr. Seema Kakde

Thank you so much for the fantastic job done for the reception day. Every single request of ours was taken into consideration and the final outcome was mesmerizing. The arches, stage, chairs and tables were all beautifully done. The photobooth stole the show.

Can’t thank you and your team enough for the fantastic job you have done. The ease of communication, the open conversation, the attention to detail and how you managed to get everything done without even one phone call the day of the event when we as family are anyways overstressed. My family and me will definitely recommend you and your team without the slightest hesitation


Ranchel D’Souza

Hello I am Kalpana,

Anuja and her team are so understanding and cooperative, we had a two day wedding event managed by them which was done perfectly as per our expectation. We truly liked their dedication and adaptability towards our choices and expectations. Thank you Royal Weddings for this experience.

Thanks and regards,

Kalpana R. J.

Cant thank enough Royal Weddings and Anuja for much for making our day so memorable moments and beautiful !


Kapil & Aastha

Thank you so much Anuja and Royal Weddings team for making this such a memorable event for us!! Karachi everything was executed so well and you guys properly communicated with us regarding all the details!! Loved loved loved everything about our décor!! Please share the pictures of our host too with her!! She was lovely host!!

Thanks and Regards,

Bhagyashree And Viraj

Anuja and her team are really amazing… very punctual… very professional… she delivers what she promises… she’s open to all offbeat ideas… and gives her endless ideas as well as executes the client’s ideas… she’s flexible in accommodating all the client needs and demands… we had a streesfree block buster wedding because of her… you name the service and she has it on her belt to offer! Be it home decorators, car decorators, trousseau packing, sangeet choreographers, caterers, dhol and the list is endless. She had become a familiar name in both our families… We can’t wait to plan another event with her… it was so much fun! The ones wo want a perfect hassle free wedding, Anuja is the one to go for!

Thanks & Regards

Rajasi Dharia

First of all we wish to thank Royal Weddings  Ms. Anuja for splendid experience during the wedding events of our son.

Right from the beginning, Anuja could create a trust in our mind that she is the perfect event organizer and decorator for the event. She had multiple meetings with us to understand our family, values, priorities and our expectations as well as the class of events that we wanted to. It was not flashy but classy affair!

Right from personally planning and supervising the execution, it was delivered beyond our expectation. She strongly believes in delivering more than the scope or promise made. Bringing the touch of your own rather than a commercial consideration.

Events  were managed so well that we are not realize that we are the host. We attended it like an invitee. No anxiety, no stress, everything was picture perfect! Not to forget to mention that almost everyone thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated it and it is our LIFE TIME MEMORIES!

 Thank you Anuja, Thank you Royal Weddings

Best wishes and regards

Sameer Deshpande

My brother’s wedding just wrapped up and what a wonderful celebration it was! All thanks to Anuja and the Royal weddings team. Right form ideating on our themed reception to bring our mandap decor & vision to life, Anuja’s ideas and execution have been on point. The entrance to the wedding was stunning and the themed reception looked right out of a movie! I’m so glad to have worked with them and definitely recommend them to anyone planning a wedding or any other event really! Kudos, Royal Weddings! Wishing you all many more successful events and milestones.

 Best wishes

Shivani Das

Hi Anuja hope you are doing great.

Just saw the post and wanted to thank you for everything you did. Everyone loved the décor and the arrangements. You made it perfect!! Thank you so much.

 Best wishes and regards,

Nikita Gupta

Hi Anuja.

Thanks for a great job done on the 29th June. We are all pleased by the professional work, and our guests were greatly impressed.

Thanks a lot to you and to your entire team.

Raju Joseph

“Dear Anuja and team,

 This email is a little delayed but full of love.

 We are so happy we got you and Sakshi as a team to work with for our beloved sister’s wedding. It was a dream that we as a family had in our minds for years. Royal weddings made it a reality. From endless meetings accommodating and managing time according to our crazy work schedules, to giving us endless options till the time all of us in the family “loved” what we saw. 

All of us were so relieved and excited to see that there was not a slightest difference in the pictures that we saw in presentation and what Anuja and team put up in reality. It was a “Dream come true”. 

I truly believe, “Team Work makes Dream Work” and that is something that Royal weddings displayed in spirit. Sakshi and Anuja, you were like family throughout the wedding. You believed and understood each one of our requirements and fancies. And we love you for that.

Would love to work with you in future and stay connected nonetheless.

Lots of love and gratitude!


And the entire Shah Family.

P.S. – we will call you soon for my baby shower 😆” – Chavi Shah

Chavi Shah

“Hello Everyone. I recently had the “Royal Weddings” team help me manage my sister’s Haldi and Wedding event which was held in Pune and I must say they did a superb job. Very professional, punctual, creative and sincere team is how I can describe them. Consider any aspect of the event, like decoration, photography, beautician, entertainment, etc and they have the best of the names in the city available for your event. I believe that most important factor for the success of any event is how well your event manager understands what you need and trust me “Royal wedding” team has a knack of that. So, all in all, it was a great memorable event for me and I thank the team for all their efforts and contributions. Special thanks to Anuja mam who leads this excellent team.

Nagesh Bardale

Kavita and I are happy to share our feedback on the wedding of our son Vishal in September 2013:

We had some specific requirements on the wedding rituals and the events to be conducted at the pre-wedding party.  Although these requirements were unusual, the Royal Weddings team went the extra mile to ensure that all our needs were well understood and executed, with attention to detail. The team members were available at all times to support us and personally supervise the events. They created a lovely ambiance notwithstanding the challenge of uncertain weather. The wedding guests were all very appreciative of the manner in which the event was managed.”

Kavita and Kishore Rao

“Red Carpet have done work very professionally.
They take great effort in doing jobs the way you want.
I would definitely recommend my friends & relatives.
keep up the good work.
All the best.

Ritu Mangalik

“Planning, execution and most of all every aspect of the function is considered and executed in detail..

Ashwini Singh

We have observed there excellence and professional services in one of the family event.

Mandar Namjoshi

It was truly unique experience to celebrate my sister’s engagement ceremony with Red Carpet/Royal Weddings, Pune. The whole concept was unique from the entry to the way way couple was ushered to the podium was refreshing. Thank you team Royal Weddings. I look forward cerelbrating the wedding with you.

Meera Rotti

Hi Anuja, 

 Thank you Anuja for doing an excellent job at planning, preparing, managing the art exhibition so efficiently.

I was quite satisfied with the ways we could work together and you completed the task on time and gave me what I wanted.

I would definitely recommend you to my friends or work with you if I have the need again.

thank you so much.

Reeta Desai

Great experience with Royal weddings ..truely royal work. you can trust Anuja without even meeting her. Amazing work done ! 

Ramiza Sayed

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